Member of Alliance(MoA)

Member of Alliance (MoA)

MoAs are Organizations who are interested to associate with National Cyber Safety and Security Standards for effective and systematic security enhancements with the given cyber safe best practices in the current emerging digital world.

MoA’s will be accredited by the National Cyber Safety and Security Standards.

Member of Alliance (MoA) Benefits:

  • 1. MoA will get the Cyber Security Frameworks/Guidelines/Policies/Regulations to secure the IT Assets and critical Digital Infrastructure
  • 2. Enhance the Data/Information/Server Security of your organization
  • 3. Best IT security practices to your organization and employees
  • 4. Certificate of MoA will be issued to your organization
  • 5. Good credibility to your organization
  • 6. Your organization will get the effective prevention methods from cyber threats
  • 7. MoA’s will be provided with all necessary Cyber Security materials
  • 8. MoA’s will get the Awareness, Development & Standards
  • 9. MoA’s can capture the opportunities in the Global Trade Development
  • 10. MoA’s can Network with the Industry leaders & Security Professionals through NCSSS Conference/Summits/Workshops


  • 1. Any organization who uses computers/systems
  • 2. Any organization who is planning for security enhancements
  • 3. Any organization who seeks for the safe IT practices
  • 4. Any organization who is looking to secure their IT infrastructure

How to Apply

  • Step 1: Fill the MoA Online Application Form:
  • Step 2: Submit MoA Application Form by Online along with Processing Fee
  • Step 3: CAI will review your MoA Application
  • Step 4: The Board of CAI will issue the MoA Certification